I am in agreement with this foods list… all are in my everyday go to foods with the exception of OJ, by the way, I do not touch the stuff.

And if you cannot remember which is the good guy or bad guy, just remember L is for Looser!

Are these foods in your everyday diet?

WebMD Slideshow today gives a list of the best food shown to help keep the ‘BAD’ cholesterol in check!


Tell me what is your biggest challenge right now with your lifestyle? Environment? Diet? Exercise? If you do not want to answer that here… please email me at





Constipation plagues millions of people… WebMd’s slideshow (see link below) tell you the biggest culprits that seem to create constipation and to avoid the. It is my thinking that is all good, but why not fix the problem in the first place, YOUR GUT. Constipation effect are not just immediate problems, pain and feeling like crap (no pun intended). Unfortunately, the accumulatory effect can have profound impact on your health and not in a good way. If you are plagued by this problem, let’s talk. I have some solutions for you… and an initial strategy secession is complimentary.


Facing Diabetes Head On

Do you have type 2 diabetes or are you at risk for developing it? LifeStyle changes are necessary to bring beneficial outcomes. I have read research that demonstrates diabetes (type 2) as a lifestyle induced disease and therefore can be prevented. If you have been diagnosed, it can be in most cases reversed and or managed. Here are some tools and insights that hopefully will motivate you to do whatever it takes not to self-inflict this disease on yourself. If you are prediabetic or in the early stages of diabetes, implementing the right actions can prevent, lessens or reverses this epidemic disease. Take control and minimize the effect that are effective, but it require 100% commitment and discipline on your part. You can do it. I have been a practicing physician for over 30+ yrs. I have seen many people with chronic illness and disease, diabetes is one disease that doesn’t have to have an ugly outcome.

5 D’s of Self-Managing Diabetes/Dr R. Tuckson says and a typical western medicine approach:

  1. Doctors (see your doctor);
  2. Drugs (take them);
  3. Data (tack your numbers)
  4. Diet (manage diet)
  5. Determination (be determined to see it through)

This is okay if you want status quo… and maybe it will not progress, maybe.

How is this approach dealing with the cause? It is NOT. And- there is nothing wrong with the 5 self-managing tips that Dr Reed Tuckson outlined, in fact they are perfect if you ‘just’ want to manage a disease, that is now affecting 1 in 3 people in this county.It is on the same ratio as heart disease. Tracking those numbers are incredibly scary. In fact, the direct relationship to each other is nearly 100%.  To boot, it is estimated that 40% of diabetes patients, end up with Alzheimer. I do not know anyone who wants to loose their brain, but you will if you do not take action given the current stats if you do not get this handled.

If you are serious and you want to go to the cause while managing this disease… then you need to take your commitment to another level.

  1. Inflammation– is the root cause, that is where real treatment begins.
  2. Food is medicine, choose wisely.
  3. Exercise add years to your life. Move daily, because if you don’t you are going to die a lot sooner.

If the light at the end of the tunnel gives you more quality to your life and life to live with what is most important to you, then…the choice is a no brainer. It took years of abuse to get to this diagnosis. It is not necessarily going to be an easy road back… Is it possible? yes! It depends on a lot of factors.

Sit in the drivers seat and look out of the box for answers. That is why you want to see a doctor of the future, a doctor of Functional Medicine… a LifeStyle Medicine Practitioner. Lifestyle Medicine is endorsed by the NIH as an essential component in the treatment and management of disease that is as effective as medications without the risks and undesirable side effects. Lifestyle Medicine is the treatment of choice for prevention, and is very effective in the treatment and management of chronic illness and disease by addressing one or more of the following: diet, exercise, weight loss, stress management, non-drug approach via medical foods and targeted supplementation.

Life is too short already- do yourself a favor and look out of the box. The right answers are available and materialize one decision at a time.

The life you always dreamed of awaits you..



Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

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CARPE DIEM- Right Practice Makes, Permanent

We all love heroic tales of overnight success, but expertise is never an accident – Jeff Goins

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

3 Steps To Practical Peak Performance

1. Master your mindset. What you think you become. Practice deliberate mindset which means anyone can be better if they take the right approach.

2. Practice with intent. Practice(s)may not all be equal. Trying harder sometimes doesn’t end up with better results. If you’re not improving it’s not because you lack the talent, it’s because you’re not practicing the right way. You have to push yourself past what you think it’s possible. If you’re not doing that, your spinning your wheels. Hours and effort.

3. Seek an environment of greatness. Associate with others who challenge you and help you grow. An example are London cab drivers, their brains were measured before they became licensed cab drivers and then after. They found part of the brain responsible for navigation grew significantly over years of intense daily training in the same environment. So if greatness is not in your environment, find the people who challenge you to grow.
Peak: A. Ericsson/M. Hyatt

Everyone has a genius within… I truly believe this. We just need to learn how to tap into that so that it can express itself and shine to be the person you truly are meant to be! The grass is only green where it is watered.


Statin Drugs Are Not For Everyone-


Statin drugs have textured side effects that may be deadly….

LifeStyle changes, food as medicine, exercise make this drug more than likely unnecessary. If you insist on taking this drug, know your fact and do the research… also, you must supplement it with CoQ10.

If you want to take control of your life again… AskDrPat

Do You Have Uncontrolled Hypertension? This may be of interest to you!

If you do and you have not had any testing for blood pathogens like- bacteria, parasites,yeast then this might be a lifesaving information! 


The School of Pharmacy, University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA:

C. Pneumoniae antibodies are found in approximately 50% of middle-aged adults worldwide. These antibodies have been detected in Atherosclerotic tissue and have been linked to increased risk of Cardiovascular events.


Patel P. Mendell MA, et al Association of Helicobacter pylori and Chlamydia pneumoniae infections with cornary heart disease and cardiovascular risk BJM. 1995 Sep 16;113(7007):711-4. Erratum in: BJM 1995 Oct 14;311(7011):985

“Both H.pylori and C.penumoniae infections are associate with Heart Disease” 




Do you still toss and turn in the night? Do you have a hard time staying asleep or feel you do not get a quality sleep? Do you wake up and free foggy or with no energy? Do you worry a lot? If you answered  YES to any of the  above and or you have taken over the counter remedies and medication also but still not satisfied, then an alternative approach may be what your are missing.

What’s available as a remedy for those who suffer from lack of sleep in western medicine and in the western world?  Just over the counter remedies and prescribed medications. Many do not work and seriously, they really are not for long term use without consequences. Plus, you feel knock out and tired when you wake up. That is not real sleep and that is not quality sleep.  In the alternative arena, I look toward Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture for keys to the find the root of the problem. You really want to find the solution and not treat the symptoms or you are missing the boat. When you treat the symptoms, most times than not, you are doing nothing to enhance your health or lifestyle.Certainly, you are not productive. Bottom-line, people who get enough quality sleep are happy, healthier, people and they do not ‘prematurely age‘ as fast.

In Chinese Medicine, it is thought that if you are not sleeping well, then other organs systems in the body are not in ‘harmony’ and their QI (pronounced chee) is disturbed.  What is QI? It is the vital energy flow: When Qi does not flow- problems occur and when QI flows – problems disappear.  When the problem is treated, it enables the QI to flow again- freely.  Another analogy to think about is this…  your best friend that just gets you, you are in sync (qi)!  Back to the organs, in the body when they are lacking proper Qi, then not in sync… the result is your health suffers. In Chinese Medicine it is considered, disharmonious. Good Qi- healthy, Bad Qi,… i think you get the picture.

For those of  you who are curious what to know what organs may be involved or not, here is the scoop. First, the spleen. In western medicine the spleen is not paid much attention to and actually considered not an important organ, they say that you do not need it and in remove it without looking at the consequences. It is thought it is an organ, that ‘just’ filters blood. BUT- in Chinese medicine, the Spleen is VERY important and contributes to every organ. For good sleep to happen, the Spleen must work in harmony with the following: heart, liver, stomach, kidneys and intestines.

4 Ways the Spleen, if it is not in Harmony, Interferes with Body Functions

  • Directly effects digestion (a job of the spleen is to move fluid in your body and helps get rid of excess fluid. If you have a  puffy face, tongue, overweight or sluggish, then basically you are submerged in your own body water- what a visual)
  • Aids in digestion & proper Bowel Movement (stomach, intestines relies on the spleen to pass on the water and foods we ingest)
  • Governs circulation  (the spleen makes blood. If the quality of blood is affected its trickle effect down the line is poor circulation… cold hands/feet, lack of energy, sugar cravings, blood pressure and sleep problems).

If the Spleen is not balanced you may also experience the following: worry, poor concentration, day time fatigued, anxiousness, and performance anxiety with sex.

If the Spleen is nurtured, guess what- you sleep, think, move and feel better. Why? Because you body is now in balance.  What about the spleen? What does it do? The spleen is synergy with your blood and lymph system. It is a filter for the blood and takes out the old and replaces it with new red blood cells (rbc). It stores iron and also stores it in the bone marrow (hemoglobin is made there). It organ itself holds 8 oz of blood (emergencies). It is closely connected to the immune system and a defender of inflammation (the root cause of many illnesses and diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, obesity).

What to do? How do you keep the Spleen happy? No, you do not have to take anything that has risk, has side effects or causes harm, like many drugs and over the counter remedies.  A goal here would be to tonify the spleen, tonify the qi, fortify the blood, and nourish the heart (chinese). When this is in balance it promotes the body to get into a state to go to sleep and stay asleep. You fall asleep easier, and wake up refreshed with a clear mind. A Chinese formula that is used frequently is Gui Pi Tang .Another, and this one I personally use is Suan Zao Ren Tang. Both have no side effects.  Although you can buy these online, I caution anyone to use these without consulting an Acupuncture Physician first. It is prudent in the event something else is underlining or masking a bigger problem that needs to be addressed making either of these products  not for you.  This is based on my opinion, with no intention to treat or diagnose.

On the other hand, if you chose foods as your medicine, the foods that would compliment this are but not limited to:

  1. Sweet taste, neutral, warm/hot food and also neutral to warming methods of cooking.
  2. Eating at least one warm meal a day and eating regularly for duration of two to three months.
  3. Warming foods are emphasized and cooling foods are limited,
  4. Well cooked rice, oats, spelt, mochi, carbohydrate rich vegetables like winter squash, carrots, rutabaga, parsnip, garbanzo peas, black beans, peas, sweet potato, yam, pumpkin, acrid vegetables like onion/leeks, spices: black pepper, cinnamon, fennel, garlic, ginger, nutmeg, small amounts of sweet rice syrup, barley malt, molasses, cherries, dates, small amounts of mackerel, tuna, halibut, anchovy, beef, beef-liver, kidney, chicken, turkey, lamb and butter.
  5. Avoid foods such as pineapple, oranges, bananas, kiwis, watermelon, lemons, cucumbers, cold salads, tomato, cold/ice drinks, excessive intake of mineral water, cold fruit juices (orange), black tea, green tea, wheat beer, cottage cheese, farmer’s cheese, cream cheese and sour milk products.

So, if you find yourself waking up between 1 and 3 AM… then, it is time to make LifeStyle changes towards more restful and peaceful sleep that leads to a healthier, productive you. If you find you cannot do it on your own, hire a LifeStyle Medicine Strategist who can show you the fastest way to health!

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types of HA

In my 30+ years as a practitioner, it is my observation that people with migraines are poor detoxifiers and have gut issues, hence there is a metabolic connection. Therefore, it is probable to think liver involvement. The Liver’s job is to store blood, detox, hormone synthesis… and the Gut job is to absorb nutrients from the foods that we eat, basically. When the liver hits ‘toxic load’ either from a faulty gut or overloaded liver (food, environment, mental), the body tries to eliminate the toxins in the poop but sometimes it ends up storing those toxins instead. They store those toxins in fat cells. Fat cells are part of the endocrine system and many of those are around the waistline. Add Stress into the mix, and you have a mess. When choosing how to address solutions, you really need to know where to start…. the gut, the liver, stress. You have to look at the predominate pattern. Western Medicine generally only addresses the symptoms. If you do not get a handle on this sometimes debilitating problem, it can play out into many chronic disease patterns we know today and are LifeStyle induced, for instance: diabetes, some cancers, heart disease. If you only treat the symptoms of Migraine you are missing the boat. How do I know this, I suffered for years with migraines…. I do not any longer. Remember to go to the root to treat the cause. If you have any questions…